A Look at the Best Lady Fleshlight on the Market

latex free non-allergenic materialSince its release, the original Lady Fleshlight has made a number of men believe in the power of simplicity. It is so simple but also so gratifying at the same time. From the patented super skin material to the variety in design and incredible sensations, you will never want to put down this amazing device.


This is a latex free non-allergenic material which has been designed to feel just like real. It is immediately noticeable too. You just need to try it once, and you will be a fan for life.

The key here is warming up. You need to warm up the device by immersing it in some warm water. Once it is nice and firm, it is ready for action.

If you want to truly enjoy yourself, just remember to use water based lubricants. This will also protect the material.

Design variety

There are a number of designs for you to choose from. They will help in enhancing your experience with this particular sex toy. You can select from designs which resemble the labia, clitoris, mouth, as well as other sensual areas. Each of these designs offer a different delight, and you can enjoy all of the pleasures that they bring with them.

Incredible sensation

The Fleshlight also comes with a removable sleeve which has been designed to provide a sort of suction when you apply pressure on the masturbator. This product can emulate fellatio better than any other device in the market. The pressure and suction will guarantee satisfaction every single time you use the device.

This really is the ultimate male masturbator and should be a choice to consider when it comes to male sex toys. So look at the different designs available and choose the one you find the best today. You can order one to try it out.