Some Fascinating Materials Dildos Are Made of

It is the little things that can make a huge difference. Here, you are going to read about four fascinating materials that dildos are made of:


glassThese dildos are really smooth and can create a number of unique sensations. Many of these can also be cooled or heated which adds a new dimension altogether. Just follow the instructions manual that came with the product to know what else you can do with it.


It is not just the physical sensation of this material that makes your orgasms more intense; it is also the fact that you are using a gold plated dildo. It is the sexual equivalent of spoiling yourself. They can also be heated or cooled. Just be careful so that you do not damage the vibration mechanism or burn yourself.

Stainless steel

This dildo is always going to feel cool. It has a lot of surface area too for you to enjoy. It also has some interesting ripples on the side. One of the biggest advantages with this dildo is how cost effective it is. It can also be cooled or heated. Even if you have sensitive skin, stainless steel should not be a problem. Also, its medical grade, so no irritation, guaranteed.

Anodized aluminum

This is slightly more customizable as compared to gold or stainless steel. It is the only dildo on the list which can also be used for clitoral massages in the bath. It has a slim line design and is the perfect partner to one of the bigger dildos on this list. It is lighter too. So if you are looking for agility, this is the right choice.

Loving yourself goes hand-in-hand with exploring yourself. Try out these new materials. Who knows? You may just end up giving your self esteem a little boost.